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Carrots don’t grow in supermarkets. Fish do not jump into frying pans. (Mollusks can’t jump at all.) Wine doesn’t magically fill a bottle, though it might create a little magic in the night. People -- in concert with mother nature -- cultivate the stuff of our food and drink. People who are passionate about their work, people who plant and nurture and pick and catch and raise and harvest and schlep the fruits and vegetables and halibut and squabs from their natural habitat to the restaurant. We try to know all the people who bring us all the edibles. We try to know how they plant and fertilize, how they harvest or catch.

It makes a difference to us, and to the food. We prefer line caught fish. We prefer organic vegetables. We prefer dairy from grass-fed cows. We prefer natural birds. We spend the time and money to bring you the best of Long Island, and we are proud of our affiliations with every farmer, fisherman, dairyman and vintner.