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Chef Proprietor

Farm-to-table is the catchy shorthand of the day. It serves a function, connoting freshness and local fare. But a few significant steps of the food chain are omitted in that handy hyphenated phrase. More accurate might be farmer-to-deliveryman-to-prep cook-to-sous-chef-to-executive-chef-to-server-to-table. Farms don’t grow tomatoes, farmers do. And dishes do not cook and compose themselves, chefs do. And tables don’t serve bread and butter, waitstaffs do. We are intimate with all the people involved in your meal -- from seeds to service. To make your dining experience a memorable one, we have gathered a group of experienced professionals who take no greater pride than in making guests feel as welcomed and as important as they actually are. From busboy to bartender, from line cook to hostess, we are at your service. Enjoy.