SouthFork Kitchen: Sources

Chef Sous Chefs Proprietor


While traveling through Europe, I was struck by the preponderance of restaurants that served only food that was grown or raised locally. The sheep were grazing in the back pasture. The grapes were growing down the road. An uncle had made the sausage and a cousin churned the butter. Not only was it fresh and delicious, but you learned as much about the village or the region as by reading history books or visiting museums. It was in just such a bistro that the idea for Southfork Kitchen was born. Why can’t we have such a place in the Hamptons that celebrates the local bounty? Long Island shellfish are world famous. The waters off Montauk are still teeming with a wondrous variety of wild fish. Farmland is fertile and abundant. Wine? A hundred New York wines have received 90-plus points from Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate. We have it all. Southfork Kitchen is very fortunate. We invite you to eat the Hamptons.